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Kalouri Ourania

General Department of Education
School of Pedagogical & Technological Education (ASPETE)
Visiting Professor UCO, France
Head of the General Department of Education

Heraklion Attikis, 141 21 Athens, GR
Tel.: +30 210 2896-705
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • 1981 : Language and Literature, University of Athens, Greece
  • 1982 : Maîtrise, Sciences of Education, University of Caen, France
  • 1983 : D.E.A., Psychology and Sciences of Education, University of Caen, France
  • 1984: S.P. in Counseling and Orientation, National Institute of the Study of Work and Vocational Guidance, France
  • 1990: Doctorat, Sciences of Education, France (Prof. Mialaret)

Research Interests

  • Science of Education
  • Counseling and Guidance
  • Educational & Developmental psychology
  • Education through art
  • Multicultural education
  • History of education
  • Education and Technology

Teaching Interests

  • Educational and Developmental psychology
  • Adult education
  • Life-long training and coaching
  • Education through art
  • Multicultural education

Selected Publications

  1. Kalouri-Antonopoulou O. (1985). Aesthetic education. Aesthetic creativity at child’s library and museum, Athens, Diptyho.
  2. Kalouri-Antonopoulou O. (1988). The museum as mean of art and education, Athens, Kastaniotis.
  3. Kalouri-Antonopoulou, Ο. (1995). Rola i funkcja pedagogiczna dziela sztuki (Analiza psychologiczna i poznawcza oraz oddzialywanie pedagogiczne dziela sztuki w muzeum), Plastyka i wychowanie, Varsovie, 1, 1995, 282.
  4. Kalouri, O. Education through art, Athens, Ellin.
  5. Kalouri, O. (2002). General Psychology, Athens, ed. Ellin.
  6. Dimitropoulos, E. & Kalouri, O. (2005). Educational Psychology. Adult Education. Training of Trainers, Athens, ed. Ellin.
  7. Kalouri, O. & Sigalas, X. (2006). Methods of instruction. Educational psychology, Athens, Metaixmio.
  8. Kalouri, O. (2008). Le développement psycho-socio-affectif de l’enfant, in Kalouri, O. & Proscolli, A. (2008). Théories du Développement socio-cognitif et psycholinguistique de l’enfant, Patras, Open University.