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Tελική Έκθεση Εξωτερικής Αξιολόγησης του Γενικού Τμήματος Παιδαγωγικών Μαθημάτων της Ανώτατης Σχολής Παιδαγωγικής & Τεχνολογικής Εκπαίδευσης


I. The External Evaluation Procedure
The present report has been written in accordance with the requirements of the Law 3374/2005
and the instructions and guidelines provided by the HQAA.
The External Evaluation Committee (EEC) visited the General Department of Education (the
Department) of the School of Pedagogical & Technological Education (ASPAITE), based in
Athens from 14 to 16 of October, 2013. The visit took place in a very cooperative and collegial
spirit, as regards the Faculty, the staff and the students. Moreover, the visit was completed in
accordance with a detailed plan, prepared in advance by the Head of Department, although in
some points, because of delays, it had to be slightly modified.


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